Surreal Vision responsive website

Surreal Vision website development

In 2014, I developed a responsive website to showcase the computer vision startup Surreal Vision, who were working in the field of Mixed Reality.

The brief was to create a website to promote the company to potential clients and investors, without giving away too many details about their underlying technology, as the company were working in stealth mode at the time.

Working alongside the designers Forthetimebeing studio, who created the branding for the company, we developed a single page responsive site to showcase the team.

Surreal Vision then went on to be acquired by Oculus Research (Facebook) in 2015. Read more about it here.


→ Surreal Vision website


Company: Freelance

Year: 2014

Role: Developer

Credits: Design – Sergio Cameria (Forthetimebeing)

Client: Surreal Vision

Bonus Feature – Mixed Reality

See if you can spot me beta testing Augmented virtuality (Mixed Reality) curtesy of the Dense Planar SLAM algorithm by Dr. Renato Salas Moreno. This video and his work were presented at ISMAR in 2014.